Watcha Think?

I took this image two days ago while on the south side of Maui. The sun was fading fast and I ran out of my car, clamped my camera to the tripod and shot almost directly into the sun (the sun is a few degrees to the left). I held my hand to the side of the camera to avoid flare. The image you see here is straight out of the camera, with no post-processing, converted to a jpg for posting here on my blog.

What appealed to me was the compositional arrangement of four horizontal slices of landscape. It was very windy, so I used a .5 second exposure to allow the grasses in the foreground to soften, although in retrospect I probably should have slowed it down even more.

In any event, here is what I’m asking: before I go through all the trouble of post-processing, do you think the image is worth the work? Is it salvageable? What would you suggest I do in post? Or, is it one of those all-too-typical situations of an image in the eye not quite rendering as you saw it, so culling it, grieving the loss and moving on is the best option. Watcha think?

Thanks in advance.




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