I started my career as an 11-year old boy when my father, an accomplished photographer himself, gave me my first camera. In those days it was cityscapes. What else was there to photograph in New York City?

As I matured, left the city for the wilds of Maine, and earned an advanced degree in ecology, my career very naturally evolved into landscapes. Then came a stint with National Geographic publications and my commitment to nature photography in its broadest sense.

I’ve never been sure which came first, my love for nature fostering a love for photography, or vice versa. No matter. When I’m out amidst a natural landscape I truly feel at home, embraced by nature’s abundance. I breathe in the crisp, dry air of the Arctic or the musty wetness of the Amazon or the dust of the desert and I am transported. I marvel at the beauty before me. I fear for its fragility and know that I have to tell that story. I lose track of time and then I slip into The Zone. It is those fleeting moments of oneness with our natural world that are so addictive and keep me coming back for more.