I enjoy people. I am not a portrait photographer by any means. What I do enjoy is meeting diverse and wonderful people from all over the world, conversing with them (by gestures or using an interpreter), and photographing them in their own surroundings.

Photographers have their own methods for recording people images. I always ask permission first. I talk with my subjects as I photograph. I like wide angle-lenses that bring my subjects’ surroundings into play. With especially interesting faces I will focus in on facial details. Maybe it’s my own advanced age, but I love people with wrinkles, whose facial etchings reflect their life’s lessons and, hopefully, wisdom. When I’m done with my session, I show my subject the images on my camera and if at all possible I will mail them an image when I return home or print out an image and give it to them on my next visit. I am always mindful of the teachings of native people of the Americas, that with each image I take away with me a piece of the subject’s soul.