I have a schizophrenic relationship with waterscapes. As you can see in this gallery, I love capturing images of water scenes. Yet there is always fear associated with those images. Will the next wave be a rogue wave that swamps my valuable gear, let alone me? Am I too close to the cliff’s edge? Will I slip on a mossy rock in the stream that I’m crossing or standing in?

What I do at times like that is take a few deep breaths, soak in the scenic possibilities, evaluate the risks, and create a plan of action. I normally start with wide scenics and then, as the beauty captivates me, I zoom deeper into my subject. By then I’m usually relaxed and in The Zone.

Water is the most vital element on Earth. It covers 70% of our planet, yet only 2% is that essential fresh water that we depend on for life. Waterscapes are a photographer’s friend in that they are never the same, so we can visit a spot over and over and capture its different moods. As a naturalist, I feel that I have an obligation to represent our aquatic world in a way that allows us to appreciate its myriad gifts.