Black & White

A Sampling of What Participants Have To Say

As a relative newcomer to Lightroom – and being completely self-taught – I found the workshop with Les and Bob to be invaluable. Many of their tips and advice were bits of information that confirmed the path I was already going down; but they also helped me refine those steps, order them better, use them judiciously, and explore new ones. I feel so much more comfortable with the “convert-to-B&W process,” and I am also applying the knowledge to my color post-processing.I found the most valuable aspects of the workshop was the hands-on, in-person training.Mary Braman, MD, 2017

Thank you so much for your guidance! I absolutely loved the Black and White Workshop! I only wish we had more time. I thought you and Bob did a wonderful job teaching! My only criticism would be, I’d wish we had a little more time. Other than that, I learned a lot and really enjoyed your teaching style and Bob’s sense of humor and his vast knowledge, too. I’d love to do another workshop with you guys!Katie Gonano, MD, 2017

I did enjoy the B&W class especially starting with the history of BW photography then moving to contemporary BW photography. I think I have of a good grasp on Lightroom, including the develop module but what I took away from the class was the image could be what I envisioned not necessarily matching the scale from 1-10 in terms of black and white range that technical folks might want to see. I have photos where I like the total absence of detail in the blacks, I just want it to be a dark element in the composition. Working with you and Bob on different ways to view an image and crop it, even in a way that might lose detail and amping up the grain, you showed how an image can be beyond the capability of a lens to capture detail but still be evocative. I liked the freedom and exploration of what a BW can be, I have since set my camera default to BW. I had a great time as always!Jeff Hinte MD, 2017