Print Workshop

A Sampling of What Participants Have To Say

This was the perfect workshop for me as an aspiring fine art photographer. It allowed me to separate the theory from the practice and understand the practice of fine art photo printing with one-on-one guidance from the master artist, Les Picker, and master printer Bob Boyer, printing my own images. Gary Schubert, Pennsylvania

Les and Bob did a good job stepping us through the printing process.  This is a good workshop for those that are not familiar with printing and color management.  I particularly liked Bob’s thoughts on post processing some images in prep for printing.   Very common sense approach. Joe Farrell, Pennsylvania

What a wonderful time we had! Thank you and Bob for the special attention to even the ones that are not so technical! I learned more that day then I did with a Lightroom class! Lisa Barkey, M.D., Maryland

The one day printing workshop conducted by Les Picker and Bob Boyer, is an intensive opportunity to learn photo printing from start to finish. In the first half of the workshop, they present the theory behind color management and practical advice on using the tools in Lightroom to prepare images for printing. The second half of the workshop is an opportunity to utilize their large scale, high definition printers to create at least two 17x22 prints.

Les and Bob both bring deep technical knowledge and an artist’s perspective to working with each individual. Unlike many workshops this one is small enough so each participant gets personal attention. Thomas Wilson, New Hampshire

One spot left….” and I was fortunate enough to get it. I can say that meeting Les and Bob was a great experience in professionalism and talent. The “Print Your Own” workshop was small and intimate. It was a six to two (or 3 to 1) ratio of learners to instructors; usually unheard of in the art of photography workshops. The learners were talented photographers who had digital images worth hanging on the wall and the instructors who demonstrated multiple ways of accomplishing that goal. I highly recommend this workshop if you, as a photographer, are ready to hang your images on other people’s walls or your own. Alfred Jerry Taylor, Maryland

Bob and Les were outstanding. The amount and quality of the information was only limited by my ability to grasp and write it all down. Would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in purchasing a printer, getting more out of your printer, or looking for expertise in printing images. Dan Huddleston, Virginia

The workshop was informative, enjoyable, & organized, well worth attending. The time flew way to fast. It was great working with both Les and Bob.Debra Bailey, Maryland

Les…thanks so much for a terrific workshop. I learned a lot, and came home with some beautiful prints! But equally importantly, I feel as if I made a new friend in you. Gary Kohn, Maryland

Les a hearty thank you to you and Bob. I was very impressed with your studio and the level of instruction. I may have learned more today about processing and printing than in all of the 2 years I’ve been working at digital photography. Best of all my wife loves the prints.Frank Aquino, Maryland

The Les Picker Printing Workshop was an extremely valuable experience. Whether one is considering printing at home or office, or whether one is considering improving results from an outside printing service…this workshop will improve your prints. Utilizing both lecture and practical printing experience, knowledge was gained in software workflow, paper considerations and printer options/functionality. And best of all were the actual large format prints which will soon be framed and on display. A worthwhile experience!!! Steve Sattler, Maryland

I want to thank you for a wonderful workshop. You opened up a whole world of printing and papers that I never knew. Spending time with two artisans that love their art is truly refreshing. Now I understand the quest of matching an image with the paper that best conveys the emotion. Special thanks for letting me come back to print my large format prints; including my 22 x 66 panoramic of Sedona!Kevin Duncan, Maryland